Examining the Product Owner Role

Common PO Models


As with everything else related to agile, the nature of the Product Owner role, and whether it is needed at all, depends a great deal on context. As teams discover this, it leads to some common questions:

  • What do Product Owners Really Do?
  • Do we even need Product Owners?

Join Kent to examine the Product Owner role and attempt to answer the above questions. He’ll share his experiences and give you a chance to share your perspectives with each other. By the end of the session, you'll have more insight into the Product Owner role and how it applies (or not) to your situation. This includes an understanding of common organizational models for product owners (including what part of the organization they fit in), how to determine appropriate product ownership responsibilities for your situation, and whether you need Product Owners to have successful product ownership.


Excerpt from Beyond Requirements discussing Outcome over Output From B2T Training blog


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There are a variety of perspectives about what product ownership is, and who is involved. One reason for these different perspective is the different contexts in which product ownership occurs. Product Ownership in the Wild describes product ownership as product management in an agile setting, explains product ownership in terms of the 3 Habits of Highly Effective Product People, and looks at 4 models of product ownership.

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