You've read the books.  You've taken the classes.  You may have even picked up a certification along the way.

But you still run into a product ownership situations that you're not quite sure how to handle. Or you want to figure out the best way to handle a tricky situation on your latest product. Or you're trying to figure out the best way to move your team forward.

Wouldn't it be helpful to get some timely advice about how to handle specific situations rather than generalized advice that could apply to everyone and work for no one?  Advice based on years of dealing with internal product trials and tribulations.  Advice that provides pragmatic, simple, yet powerful approaches to problems.

Fortunately, you can get that kind of practical, just-in-time advice through advisory sessions with KBPMedia founder Kent J. McDonald.

Kent is an experienced product person who has worked on several different types of internal products in several different industries and combines that experience with practical, easy to implement advice that you can use right away.

Get one session to discuss a specific issue, or get a three or six pack of sessions to work on an issue over time and have discussions along the way.


Hear what people who have worked with Kent have to say.

  • Kent's experience and unique mix of theory and pragmatism was very helpful as we worked through real world problems. His most valuable asset is his listening skills. He quietly absorbs the information, confirms he understands, asks powerful questions to help the person solve the issue themselves, and when needed offers practical specific ideas that have helped in similar situations.
    Julie Urban
  • Kent has worked with our company and organization many times as a coach/consultant and facilitator. I've worked with him in very large and small group settings. No matter the scenario, Kent has a tool or a method that seems tested, and always drives forward toward a positive outcome.
    Jed Gresham